Board of Directors

Ron Bonnett


Cow-calf producer, Bruce Mines, ON

Ron’s extensive contributions to farming organizations began when he helped establish the Algoma Federation of Agriculture and served as its founding president during the years of economic hardship that farmers experienced in the 1980s. Ron eventually became involved with the Ontario Federation of Agriculture, serving on its board of directors and executive committee where he was vice-president for two years and then president for four years. It was during his time at OFA that Ron became involved with CFA, sitting on CFA’s National Council and Executive before becoming second vice-president in 2007 and president in 2010.

Norm Hall

First Vice-President

Grain producer, Regina, SK

Norm was first elected as an APAS Representative in October 2003 and currently represents the RM of Emerald #277.  At the 2004 AGM, Norm was elected to the APAS Environment Committee and was nominated chair of that committee from 2006 to 2011.  In December 2005, he was elected to the Board of Directors and elected President in December 2011 to December 2016 and elected as Vice-President December 2016 to present.

Norm was appointed to represent APAS on the BOD of CFA in February of 2012 and was elected to the Executive Committee of CFA the same year. He has served as a member of or chairing a number of internal working groups and committees. At the CFA AGM of 2017 he was elected as First Vice President and represents CFA on a number of external working groups and committees.

Marcel Groleau

Second Vice-President

Dairy farmer, Longueuil, QC

Marcel Groleau, president of the Union de producteurs d’agricole (UPA), is a dairy producer from Thetford Mines, Quebec. He has served as president of UPA and as Second Vice-President of the Canadian Federation of Agriculture since 2011. His involvement in farm organizations spans 25 years. This includes his time as president of the Fédération des producteurs de lait du Québec (from 2004 to 2011) following his role as First Vice-President for four years. He was a member of the Executive of the Dairy Farmers of Canada from 2004 to 2011 and has served as President of Valacta (2006-2011), Alliance Semex (2002-2003) and Canadian Dairy Network (1998- 1999).

Lynda Atkinson

Director, CFA

British Columbia Agriculture Council

Cow-calf producer, standardbred horses Quesnel, BC

Lynn Jacobson

Director, CFA

Alberta Federation of Agriculture

Grains and oilseeds producer, Enchant, AB

Dan Mazier

Director, CFA

Keystone Agricultural Producers of Manitoba

Grains and oilseeds producer, Justice, MB

Mike Medeiros

Director, CFA

Mushrooms Canada

Mushroom farmer

Keith Currie

Director, CFA

Ontario Federation of Agriculture

Cash crops and sweet corn producer, Collingwood, ON

Martin Caron

Director, CFA

L’Union des producteurs agricoles

Dairy farmer, Longueuil, QC

Andrew Lovell

Director, CFA

Agriculture Alliance of New Brunswick

Fruit and vegetable farmer, Keswick Ridge, NB

Victor Oulton

Director, CFA

Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture

Beef farmer, Windsor, NS

Mary Robinson

Director, CFA

PEI Federation of Agriculture

Potato farmer, Souris, P.E.I.

Merv Wiseman

Director, CFA

Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Agriculture

Vegetable, forage, grain and dairy farmer, Cormack, NL

Reint-Jan Dykstra

Director, CFA

Dairy Farmers of Canada

Dairy farmer, Second North River, NB

Kurt Siemens

Director, CFA

Egg Farmers of Canada

Egg farmer, Rosenort, MB

Vernon Froese

Director, CFA

Chicken Farmers of Canada

Chicken farmer

Bryan Ricker

Director, CFA

Turkey Farmers of Canada

Turkey farmer

Gyslain Loyer

Director, CFA

Canadian Hatching Egg Producers

Hatching egg producer

Kelly Van Ham

Director, CFA

Canadian Sugar Beet Producers Association

Sugar beet producer

Rob Scott


National Sheep Network

Sheep farmer

Andrew Kuyvenhoven

Director, CFA

Canadian Ornamental Horticulture Alliance

Greenhouse Flower Farmer, Brampton, ON

Ray Robertson

Director, CFA

Canadian Forage and Grassland Association

Custom-grazing operator

Todd Lewis

Director, CFA

Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan

Kevin Runnalls

Director, CFA

Canadian Seed Growers’ Association